Tasty herring

– of the best quality –


Since 1987, Tenax Sild A/S has produced herring for food service and retail at its plant at Nyborg, expanding its operations with another plant at Aalbæk in 2018.

Today, we not only produce herring but have added other fish specialities. Our range covers everything from marinated herring, old-fashioned matured herring and dressing herring to delicious, crisp fish cakes, fish paté, caviar from lumpfish roe, herring roe and trout roe.


Fatty fish improves children’s health

Recent research has shown that the intake of fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon and trout several times a week improves children’s health. The researchers conclude that even healthy children benefit from eating fatty fish and that the results improve the more fish the children eat.

That’s why there’s good reason to follow the recommendation of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to eat fish twice a week for dinner and several times a week for breakfast or lunch, even for children.