We comply with both Danish and European legislation to ensure our
well-known quality and control of food safety. This means that Tenax Sild A/S
is certified according to IFS (International Food Standards).

Marinated Herring

Marinated herring is filleted, pickled and matured after which they are ready for further processing.

Dressing Herring

Dressing herring is one of the best known herring types in Denmark. We have a wide range of dressing herring products.

Pickled Herring

A tasteful herring with lots of spices adding a delicious taste, a wonderful aroma and a beautiful colour.

Marinated & Pickled

A traditional marinated herring in a spicy pickle makes this herring a tasty experience out of the ordinary.

Anchovies & Sprats

Anchovies are produced from Mediterranean anchovies while boneless herring is produced from sprats, a small herring species.


Tenax Sild takes pride in developing new herring variants. Experience new tastes to raise any traditional Scandinavian lunch table.

Season Herring

Danish herring traditions are closely related to Easter and Christmas. A sea of tasty herring to bring back good memories.

Paté and
Cod Roe

Our patés and cod roe are produced from carefully selected ingredients to create the very best taste experience.


Fried herring is large, shapely fillets that are breaded, then fried and finally packed gently by hand.

Fish Cakes

Every day, we produce up to 70,000 fish cakes. They are known by their crisp surface and soft interior.


Our Caviar is based on lumpfish roe – an optimally crisp and flexible consistency and a mildly salty taste of sea.


Cavi-Art® is produced from seaweed. They have a crisp consistency, fresh taste and long shelf life – even after opening.